Coming Soon: Switchblades and Hairspray
From Unnerving Press as part of their series REWIND OR DIE. Coming February 2020, this novella is a terrifying blend of Hustlers and Flashdance.
Preorder the whole REWIND OR DIE series from Unnerving: Digital | Paperback
Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become is a collection of 12 horror/dark fantasy stories exploring the most terrifying parts of human and non-human nature. Journey into these worlds and face the foes our characters may -- or may not -- overcome. Features my short story, "The Latin Queens of Mictlan."
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Maria The Wanted and The Legacy of The Keepers is the first book in The Keepers series. 
Maria's journey begins in Juarez, Mexico where she leads a simple life, until she is turned into a vampire. This is followed by years of lonely motel cleaning purgatory, while she searches for answers... and her creator. When she feels all hope is lost, she finds meaning as a dark enforcer of justice for the community that has embraced her. 
Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon
She has been called many things throughout history: traitor, slave, Doña Marina, mother of the first Mestizo, La Malinche. Now, she only goes by Malinalli. Malinalli is a vampire. She will never have any master again, including love.
Business has brought Malinalli to Dublin, however, this trip will also be one of pleasure when she spots Colin. One look is all she needs to know she wants his body and his blood. As she manages to snag her prey, she might find there is more to this man than "lust at first bite."
Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon


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