Malinali, La Malinche is a vampire in 2018

She has been called many things throughout history: traitor, slave, Doña Marina, mother of the first Mestizo, La Malinche. As a young woman, she was a Nahua slave given to Cortez the conquistador, when the Spanish arrived in what is now called Mexico. It is said her translations and diplomacy enabled the Spanish to conquer the indigenous population. There have been many tales about her life and who she really was.


Now, she only goes by Malinalli. 

In 2018, she is a dealer in antiquities living her life as a free woman, pursuing her dreams and fantasies as something much greater than a fact in history. Malinalli is a vampire. She will never have any master again, including love.


Business has brought Malinalli to Dublin, however, this trip will also be one of pleasure when she spots Colin. One look is all she needs to know she wants his body and his blood. As she manages to snag her prey, she might find there is more to this man than “lust at first bite”.

Hear the truth from her own lips.