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Self Doubt and Hormones- The only cocktail I was drinking.

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

I'm pregnant. Finally, I'm pregnant! Holy shit, I'm pregnant with my third child?! I'm pregnant with excitement, fear, doubt, worry, dread, exhaustion, more fear. I'm in a constant shit mood which leads to feelings of guilt. I love my family, but I just want to be alone. I want to puke alone and sleep without being disturbed for hours on end. But I'm a mother first and foremost so I have to put on my big girl panties and get through the next 9 months. All with a fucking smile.

Maria the Wanted was shaping up as a novella. It needed so much work. By a chance meeting a few months back, I was introduced to a woman that also happened to be a literary agent. I reached out for feedback. She gave me excellent advice. Advice I heeded, but didn't really understand until I got it in my mind that I would have a go in the publishing world.

I went from 30k to 90k words writing everyday while my children were in school. I went over and over and over my manuscript. My entire focus was this manuscript. I was starting to feel mildly better into my second trimester. Come on agents, I'm here!!

There wasn't anything out there in the adult horror/fantasy book world too similar to my main character, so how hard could it be. Folks, always do your homework. I always loved reading, but homework not so much. The publishing game is no joke. If I could give one piece of advice for writers, it's put your business hat on first. Spend just as much time on the business of books as you would your story.

Bumpin' along at Christmas during my 2nd Trimenester

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